The Movie & TV Show/Series Guide is for Millennials who rarely watch television but prefer to binge on programming, in their own style, time, and location. Our small profile clips eliminates the drag on your time but instead offers a snippet of video to say "yes" or "no" to watching the full trailer. No longer do users have to read, click, watch an ad, just to find out quickly, he/she has no interest.  Instead, we provide that sneak peak and if you like, click thru to watch more. This is a disruptive technology to save your valuable time. The Videobar is the future of video discovery that leads to faster consumption.

InstaVid LLC is the IP owner of the Videobar that is deployed in this site, offering a guide to entertainment trailers so that users can easily find where to watch a movie or show. Contact InstaVid for more information about the IP that is available through our API's.


Visit for more information about the Videobar.